Research Centers

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Center for Atmospheric Chemistry (CACE)

As an interdisciplinary center, CACE aims to facilitate collaborative laboratory and field research projects among members across campus, addressing the roles of fundamental chemical processes in atmospheric chemistry, environmental threats resulting from climate change, the exploration of new technologies and mitigation strategies to reduce the impacts of climate change, as well as chemical aspects of air quality and human health. CACE also now home to a state-of-the-art micro-pulse LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging, employing a pulsed laser to generate vertical maps of aerosol and cloud properties), available to the campus science community for on- and off-campus field measurements.

CACE Website

Texas Center for Climate Studies (TCCS)

Texas Center for Climate Studies is a multidisciplinary community for climate scientists and scholars at Texas A&M University and other affiliated universities. Our goal is to build on our diverse climate expertise to address pressing climate issues through basic and applied research, and through education and outreach.

TCCS Website

Office of the Texas State Climatologist

The Office of the State Climatologist (OSC) helps the State of Texas make the best possible use of weather and climate information. We monitor and report on weather and climate events, perform research to improve our ability to understand, anticipate, and deal with Texas climate, help people access and interpret weather and climate data, provide insight into seasonal outlooks and longer-term changes in the climate system, and coordinate products and services with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration through the National Weather Service, the National Centers for Environmental Information, and the Southern Regional Climate Center.

OSC Website