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Study of Clouds

Ping Yang research group studies clouds (ice clouds, in particular) using narrow-band and hyperspectral radiometric data acquired from ground-based, airborne, and satellite observations. The research focuses on cloud macrophysical/microphysical/optical properties and their climatological characteristics, particularly, the radiative forcing of clouds.

Light Scattering and Radiative Transfer Simulations

Ping Yang and his group study the basic scattering and absorption properties of nonspherical particles, a topic important to various practical applications such as remote sensing of cirrus clouds and aerosols. They also investigate the polarization features associated with the multiple scattering of radiation by clouds (or, aerosols) and apply the results to the interpretation of polarized lidar measurements. Ping Yang's group is also interested in theoretical research in radiative transfer, including the development of fast radiative transfer models for remote sensing applications.

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