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Tropical Convective Systems

Courtney Schumacher is studying tropical convection using ground and spaceborne radar observations, with research foci ranging from shallow precipitating cumulus to anvil production from deep convection. In addition, her group is looking at the impact of the latent and radiative heating associated with the convection on the general circulation.

Lightning and Cloud Electrification

Richard Orville is investigating the three-dimensional structure of lightning using the Houston Lightning Detection and Ranging LDAR) Network. Recent research foci include the lightning structure within ordinary and mesoscale convection and urban impacts on lightning properties.

The National Lightning Detection Network

Richard Orville beginning in 1983 developed the NLDN that today provides a continuous stream of cloud-to-ground lightning data for analyses by Orville's students. These analyses are frequently combined with radar and satellite observations.

TWP-ICE Field Experiment

The Tropical Warm Pool International Cloud Experiment took place in Darwin, Australia in early 2006 to study deep convection and its associated cirrus production. Courtney Schumacher and other Texas A&M participants focused on radar analysis of convective towers like the one pictured.

Planetary Atmospheres

Dr. Mark Lemmon

  • Leader of Mars Phoenix Lander imaging team
  • Huygens probe into atmosphere of Titan
  • Mars Exploration Rover science and operation teams
  • Mars Science Laboratory camera team
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