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Yi Wang
Yi Wang
(979) 845-5008
Eller O&M 903A

Department of Atmospheric Sciences

Texas A&M University

3150 TAMU

College Station, Texas 77843-3150


M.S. in Atmospheric Physics, Lanzhou University, China, 2015

B.S. in Atmospheric Sciences, Lanzhou University, China, 2013

Best Student Poster Presentation, 97th AMS meting, 2016, United States

Yi Wang

Graduate Research Assistant/Ph.D student candidate

Research Interests

Remote sensing of ice clouds

Selected Publications

Wang, Y.; Hioki, S.; Yang, P.; King, M.D.; Di Girolamo, L.; Fu, D.; Baum, B.A. Inference of an optimal ice particle model through latitudinal analysis of MISR and MODIS data. Remote Sens. 2018, 10, 1981.doi:10.3390/rs10121981

Additional Information

Advisor: Dr. Ping Yang
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