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Montana Etten-Bohm
Montana Etten-Bohm
Eller O&M 1008C

Department of Atmospheric Sciences
Texas A&M University
3150 TAMU
College Station, Texas 77843-3150


B.S. Earth System Science, University of Alabama in Huntsville


Montana Etten-Bohm

Graduate Student

Research Interests

My research delves into the broad field of tropical meteorology. Using TRMM LIS and MERRA2 reanalysis data, my current thesis work attempts to find the correlation between lightning and environmental variables, such as CAPE, column saturation fraction, wind shear and large-scale rising motion. Other research interests include lightning, stratiform and convective parameterizations, tropical cyclone tornadoes and tropical cyclone lightning as it relates to intensity changes.

Selected Publications

"Lightning Correlation with Environmental Variables using the TRMM LIS," Poster, 98th Annual American Meteorological Society Conference, Austin, TX, Jan 2018, Montana Etten-Bohm and C. Schumacher
"Assessment of Precipitation in CMIP5 Models Using TRMM Data," Poster, 16th Annual AMS Student Conference, Austin, TX, Jan 2018, Taylor Aydell, M. Etten-Bohm and C. Schumacher
“Tropical Cyclone Tornadoes,” Invited Seminar, Texas A&M University Department of Atmospheric Sciences, Jan 2017, Montana Etten-Bohm and R. Wade

Additional Information

Advisor: Dr. Courtney Schumacher

Vice President, Atmospheric Sciences Graduate Council (ASGC)
Recruitment Chair
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