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David Coates
David Coates
Eller O&M 1210C

3150 TAMU

College Station, Texas 77843-3150


B.S. Atmospheric Sciences, University of North Carolina-Asheville


ATMO 324: Physical and Regional Climatology

David Coates

Graduate Student

Research Interests

Wave breaking: Characterizing the influence of correlated noise on the timing, spatial distribution, and energetics of cyclonic and anti-cyclonic mid-latitude breaking events. I look at the changes to wave symmetry and tilt via turbulent fluxes of heat, momentum, and potential vorticity, which are compared across a series of noise frequency filters.


Wavelet deoising: Implementation of denoising treatments to model input data for mesoscale models. Methods for total and partial removal of noisy frequencies using combination wavelet and Gaussian filters are used to create a spectrum of noisy frequencies.

Additional Information

Member of the Office of the Texas State Climatologist

Advisor: John Nielsen-Gammon

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