Jessica Mirrielees

Jessica Mirrielees

Graduate Student Research Assistant


  (936) 524-9716

  Eller O&M 1105B


My research is focused around aerosols and cloud condensation nuclei. I have been a part of five MART (marine aerosol reference tank) experiments carried out by the Brooks (Atmospheric Science) and Thornton (Oceanography) groups at TAMU. I also participated in the third NASA NAAMES field campaign in 2017 (R/V Atlantis month-long cruise to the North Atlantic Ocean), and assisted with mobilization for the fourth and final field campaign in 2018.

My current research projects are related to ice nucleation and viscosity. I have measured the glass transition temperature of viscous organic substances using interdigitated electrodes with broadband dielectric spectroscopy (IDE-BDS) as part of my Heep fellowship, with assistance from Dr. Yue Zhang at UNC and Dr. Chuck Kolb at Aerodyne Research, Inc. Currently, I am measuring the temperature-dependent viscosity of these same organic substances with the help of an undergraduate researcher. In the upcoming months, I will study the self-diffusion of water through these organic substances using Raman microscopy, and determine their ability to nucleate ice through contact ice nucleation.

I’ve presented at two NAAMES science meetings, at AMS in January 2018, at AGU in December 2018, and at AAAR in October 2019.

Selected Publications

Mirrielees, J. A. and Brooks, S. D.: Instrument artifacts lead to uncertainties in parameterizations of cloud condensation nucleation, Atmos. Meas. Tech., 11, 6389–6407,, 2018.


B.S. Chemistry, University of Texas at Austin, 2009
M.S. Atmospheric Science, Texas A&M University, 2018


2017 HEEP Fellowship

2017 Teaching Assistant Award

2018 Teaching Assistant Award


ATMO 202

Additional Information

Advisor: Dr. Sarah Brooks

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