Matthew Brown

Matthew Brown

Graduate Research Assistant

  (717) 575-1696

  Eller O&M 1009C


The broad focus of my research is the dynamics and thermodynamics of supercell thunderstorms and tornadogenesis. My current work explores the multi-scale kinematic and thermodynamic characteristics of Southeast US tornadic storms, particularly those persisting through the nocturnal transition. Previous research includes the influence of lifting condensation level (LCL) on low-level outflow and rotation in simulated supercell thunderstorms, as well as the influence of global-scale teleconnection patterns on Southeast US tornado outbreaks.

Selected Publications

Brown, M. C., Nowotarski, C. J., Dean, A. R., Smith, B. T., Thompson, R. L., & Peters, J. M. (2021). The Early Evening Transition in Southeastern U.S. Tornado Environments, Weather and Forecasting36(4), 1431-1452. (


Brown, M. C., & Nowotarski, C. J. (2020). Southeastern US Tornado Outbreak Likelihood Using Daily Climate Indices. Journal of Climate33(8), 3229-3252. (


Brown, M., and Nowotarski, C. J. (2019). The Influence of Lifting Condensation Level on Low-Level Outflow and Rotation in Simulated Supercell Thunderstorms. Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences76(5), 1349-1372. (


Recent Presentations

  • Brown, M. C., C. J. Nowotarski, A. R. Dean, R. L. Thompson, B. T. Smith, and J. M. Peters : “Investigating the Early Evening Transition of Southeast U.S. Storm Environments and Its Consequences for Tornadogenesis”, 101st AMS Annual Meeting, Mesoscale Processes Symposium, virtual format, 01/2021
  • Brown, M. C. : “Evolution of Southeast US Storm Environments Across Scales and its Impact on Tornadogenesis”, Invited Seminar, Department of Atmospheric Sciences, Texas A&M University, College Station, TX; 01/2021
  • Brown, M. C. and C. J. Nowotarski : “Identifying Teleconnections Between Southeastern US Tornado Outbreaks and Daily Climate Indices”, 100th Annual AMS Meeting, Severe Local Storms Symposium, Boston, MA; 01/2020


Departmental Involvement

  • Co-Chair of Graduate Seminar Committee
  • Member of Atmospheric Sciences Recruitment Committee
  • Graduate Representative on Department Website Committee
  • Graduate Coordinator for MESO18-19 Field Campaign


B.S. in Meteorology, Pennsylvania State University, 2016

M.S. in Atmospheric Sciences, Texas A&M University, 2018


  • National Research Council Postdoctoral Fellowship, National Severe Storms Laboratory (starting 2022)
  • Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth P. Pipes Endowed Fellowship (2020-2021)
  • Texas A&M Academic Excellence Award – Maxey C Chenault '37 Memorial Scholarship (2020-2021)
  • Outstanding Student Research Award – TAMU Atmospheric Sciences (2020)
  • Outstanding Graduate Student Seminar Award – TAMU Atmospheric Sciences (2020)
  • Outstanding Graduate Teaching Assistant Award – TAMU Atmospheric Sciences (2019)
  • T. Halbouty ’30/AAPG Foundation Endowed Fellowship (2018-2019)
  • Outstanding Graduate Student Seminar Award – TAMU Atmospheric Sciences (2018)
  • Best Student Poster – 29th AMS Severe Local Storms Conference (2018)
  • Texas A&M Lechner Graduate Scholarship (2016-2017, 2017-2018)

Additional Information

Advisor: Dr. Christopher Nowotarski

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