Hunter Brown

Hunter Brown

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Biomass Burning Aerosol, Aerosol Radiative Effects, Earth System Modeling

  Eller O&M 1013


Biomass burning aerosols make up the majority of combustion aerosol in the atmosphere and can have impacts on regional and global climate. My research focuses on the improvement of biomass burning aerosol optical properties in Earth system and chemical transport models. These changes are tightly coupled to observations of chemical and microphysical properties from field campaigns and laboratory studies. I am also interested in studying how biomass burning aerosols impact the Earth’s radiative balance, with implications for future climate.

Selected Publications

Brown, Hunter, Xiaohong Liu, Yan Feng, Yiquan Jiang, Shane Murphy, Rudra Pokhrel, Mingxuan Wu, Zheng Lu, and Chenglai Wu. Radiative Forcing and Climate Impacts of Brown Carbon with the Community Atmosphere Model (CAM). Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 2018.

Brown, Hunter, Xiaohong Liu, Shane Murphy, Rudra Pokhrel, Zheng Lu, Rawad Saleh, Tero Mielonen, Harri Kokkola, Tommi Bergman, Gunnar Myhre, Ragnhild B. Skeie, Duncan Watson-Paris, Philip Stier, Ben Johnson, Nicolas Bellouin, Michael Schulz, Ville Vakkari, Johan Paul Beukes, Pieter G. van Zyl, Shang Liu, Duli Chand. Biomass Burning Aerosols in Most Climate Models are Too Absorbing. Nature Communications, 2021.


PhD in Atmospheric Science, University of Wyoming, Laramie, WY (December 2020)

M.S. in Atmospheric Science, University of Wyoming, Laramie, WY (August 2017)

B.S. in Environmental Science, University of Alaska Southeast, Juneau, AK (May 2015)

Additional Information

Advisor: Xiaohong Liu

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