Alison Tarter

Alison Tarter

Research Associate

Researcher at Southern Regional Climate Center

Climatology, engineering research, data science, aquatics, coastal ecology, extreme climatic events, unionid mussels

  (979) 845-8077

  Eller O&M 1205B

Selected Publications

Tarter, A. 2019. Distribution of unionid mussels in the Big Thicket region of Texas. MS thesis, Texas State University.


Tarter, A., Ford, D., Symonds, D., Ford, N., & Schwalb, A. (2021). Impact of extreme climatic events on unionid mussels in the Big Thicket of Texas. Journal of Freshwater Biology. Submitted.


Texas State University

  -2019 Masters in Aquatic Biology


Stephen F. Austin State University

  -Bachelor of Arts  

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