Milind Sharma

Milind Sharma

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Aerosol-cloud interactions, Severe local storms, Sea breeze circulations, Storm dynamics and microphysics, Lightning, Polarimetric radar analysis, Numerical weather prediction

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As part of the TAMU TRACER (Tracking Aerosol Convection Interactions Experiment) field campaign, my research focuses on improving our understanding of aerosol-convection interactions. Deep convective clouds that initiate from convergence along the sea- and bay-breeze fronts pique my curiosity. Using targeted and co-located mobile measurements of kinematic, thermodynamic, and aerosol profiles in different air masses, my research aims to isolate the role of background meteorological conditions as well as CCN/INP distributions in sustaining isolated thunderstorms. Using polarimetric radar observations, I analyze the life cycle of deep convective updrafts and evolution of microphysical processes. I also use idealized numerical simulations of convective storms to fill the gap in observed storm-scale processes and to test the sensitivity of storm morphology and updraft intensity using observed variability in near-storm environmental profiles.

Selected Publications

Sharma, Milind, et al. "Polarimetric and electrical structure of the 19 May 2013 Edmond–Carney, Oklahoma, tornadic supercell." Monthly Weather Review 149.7 (2021): 2049-2078.


Sharma, Milind. The Relationship Between Cloud Microphysics and Electrification in Southeast US Storms Investigated Using Polarimetric, Cold Pool, and Lightning Characteristics. Diss. Purdue University Graduate School, 2022.


Recent Presentations


  1. Bruss, Jacob Andrew, Milind Sharma, and Robin L. Tanamachi. "Analysis of a ZDR Column Footprint Relative Lightning Flash Size Distribution during the 19 May 2013 Norman–Shawnee Supercell." In 102nd American Meteorological Society Annual Meeting. AMS, 2022.


  1. Sharma, Milind, Robin Tanamachi, Eric Bruning, and Sandra De Iaco. "Spatiotemporal analysis of cold pool and lightning observations for a tornadic supercell from VORTEX-SE 2016 field campaign." In AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts, vol. 2021, pp. AE12A-06. 2021.


  1. Sharma, Milind, Robin L. Tanamachi, Daniel T. Dawson, Youngsun Jung, Edward R. Mansell, Eric C. Bruning, and Kevin Thomas. "Investigating the Coupling of Supercell Dynamics and Microphysics through Lightning and Cold Pools." In 101st American Meteorological Society Annual Meeting. AMS, 2021.


  1. Sharma, Milind, Robin L. Tanamachi, Eric Bruning, Kristin Calhoun. “Polarimetric and Electrical Structure of the 19 May 2013 Edmond-Carney, Oklahoma, Tornadic Supercell”. In 101st Annual Meeting, AMS, 2021, P4.3.


  1. Tanamachi, Robin, Allison T. LaFleur, Milind Sharma, Stephen J. Frasier, William Heberling, Carl Wolsieffer, Lauren Warner, and Raychel E. Nelson. "Observations of ZDR Columns in Supercells in 2019 by a Mobile, Dual-Polarized, Phased-Array Radar." In 100th American Meteorological Society Annual Meeting. AMS, 2020.


  1. Sharma, Milind, Robin L. Tanamachi, Daniel T. Dawson II, Youngsun Jung, Kevin Thomas. “Analysis of the May 19, 2013 Edmond-Carney Tornadic Supercell by EnKF Assimilation of S-band Radar Data”. In 39th Conference on Radar Meteorology, AMS, Nara, Japan, 2019.


  1. Tanamachi, Robin, Allison T. LaFleur, Milind Sharma, Stephen J. Frasier, William Heberling, and Carl Wolsieffer. "Observations of severe storms by a low-power, polarimetric, phased-array mobile radar." In 99th American Meteorological Society Annual Meeting. AMS, 2019.


Ph.D. 2022 – Department of Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences, Purdue University, Indiana, USA

M.E. 2016 – Department of Civil Engineering, Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

B.Tech. 2014 – Department of Civil Engineering, National Institute of Technology, Jalandhar, Punjab, India


Spring 2022 – Purdue EAPS Outstanding Graduate Student Award


Best student poster presentation at the 10th Conference on the Meteorological Application of Lightning Data held during 101st Annual Meeting, American Meteorological Society.

Additional Information

Advisors: Anita Rapp and Christopher Nowotarski

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