Masanori Saito

Masanori Saito

Assistant Research Scientist

Remote sensing of clouds and aerosols, atmospheric radiative transfer, snow albedo modeling, atmospheric optics, cloud microphysics


  Eller O&M 903A


I am interested in the quantitative understanding of the radiative energy budget and optical-microphysical properties of atmospheric particles in the surface–atmosphere system involving clouds, aerosols, and surface characteristics by using satellite/ground-based remote sensing, with a special emphasis on synergistic use of multi-sensor observations. In addition, my research interests extend to cloud microphysics, cloud–aerosol interactions, and many applications involving radiative transfer processes. For more information, please visit my research page.

Selected Publications

  1. Saito, M., P. Yang, X. Huang, H. Brindley, M. G. Mlynczak, and B. H. Kahn (2020), Spaceborne middle- and far-infrared observations improving nighttime ice cloud property retrievals.  Res. Lett., 47, e2020GL087491. [URL]
  2. Saito, M., P. Yang, A. K. Heidinger, and Y. Li (2020), An improved beta method for ice cloud property retrievals: Theory.  Geophys. Res. Atmos., 125, e2019JD031863. [URL]
  3. Saito, M., and P. Yang (2019), Oriented ice crystals: A single-scattering property database for applications to lidar and optical phenomenon simulations.  Atmos. Sci., 76, 2635–2652. [URL]
  4. Saito, M., P. Yang, N. Loeb, and S. Kato (2019), A novel parameterization of snow albedo based on a two-layer snow model with a mixture of grain habits.  Atmos. Sci., 76, 1419–1436. [URL]
  5. Saito, M., P. Yang, Y. Hu, X. Liu, N. Loeb, W. L. Smith Jr., and P. Minnis (2019), An efficient method for microphysical property retrievals in vertically inhomogeneous marine water clouds using MODIS–CloudSat measurements.  Geophys. Res. Atmos., 124, 2174–2193. [URL][Editor’s Highlights for Eos]
  6. Saito, M., H. Iwabuchi, P. Yang, G. Tang, M. D. King, and M. Sekiguchi (2017), Ice particle morphology and microphysical properties of cirrus clouds inferred from combined CALIOP–IIR measurements.  Geophys. Res. Atmos., 122, 4440–4462. [URL]
As of Jan. 1st 2021, Saito has 10 first-authored paper publications and 5 co-authored paper publications


D.Sc. (Equivalent to Ph.D.), Tohoku University, Japan, March 2017
M.S. in Geophysics, Tohoku University, Japan, March 2014
B.S. in Geophysics, Tohoku University, Japan, March 2012


Yamamoto Award (Young Scientist Award), Meteorological Society of Japan, October 2020
Outstanding Research Staff Member Award, Department of Atmospheric Sciences, TAMU, December 2019
Outstanding Poster Award, 17th ELS and 11th LIP joint conference, March 2018
Tohoku University Presidential Award, Tohoku University, March 2017


Geophysical Experiment Training, Teaching Assistant, Tohoku University, Japan, spring 2012

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