Alex Dessler


My research interests center on the solar system and the magnetic fields and gasses (both ionized and neutral) that pervade it. I have worked on the structure of the solar corona, its expansion into space in the form of a supersonic "solar wind", the interaction of this wind with the planets both magnetized and unmagnetized, as well as the interaction of the solar wind with the interstellar medium. These various interactions produce a marvelous array of phenomena such as auroras, radio emissions, and acceleration of charged particles to produce the polar auroras, the Van Allen radiation belts, and bursts of cosmic rays from the Sun and from Jupiter.

I also have interests in energy, oil production, and dirigibles.


Ph.D., Physics, Duke, 1956

B.S., Physics, Cal Tech, 1952


American Geophysical Union James B. Macelwane Award (1963)

Air Force Association, Texas Wing, Award for Outstanding Contribution to Aerospace Science during 1963 (1964)

Soviet Geophysical Committee, Medal for Contributions to International Geophysics (1984)

Rotary National, Stellar Award for Academic Development (1988).

John Adam Fleming Medal, American Geophysical Union (1993)

Foreign Member, Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences (1996)

American Geophysical Union William Kaula Award (2003)

National Academy of Sciences Arctowski Medal (2015)

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