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Dr. Ping Chang
Ping Chang
(979) 845-8196
(979) 845-6331
Eller O&M 624
Texas A&M University
O&M Building, Room 624
MS 3146
College Station, Texas 77843


Ph.D. Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences, Princeton University, 1988

M.A. Atmospheric Sciences, Princeton University, 1986; M.E. Mechanical Engineering, City College of New York, New York, 1984

B.S. Applied Mathematics and Mechanics, East China Engineering Institute, January 1982


2003 Association of Former Students Distinguished Achievement Award for Research, Texas A&M University.

2001 Chinese Academy of Sciences Outstanding Oversea Young Scientist Award.

2000 Faculty Fellow of Texas A&M University.

1998 College Award for Outstanding Research of Texas A&M University.

1993 National Science Foundation Young Investigator Award.

Ping Chang

Professor of Atmospheric Sciences and Oceanography
Louis and Elizabeth Scherck Chair in Oceanography

Research Interests

  • Climate Variability and Predictability,
  • Coupled Climate Modeling,
  • Ocean Atmosphere Interactions
  • Geophysical Fluid Dynamics
  • Numerical Ocean Modeling

Selected Publications

  • Alexander, M., Matrosova, L., Penland, C., Scott, J. D., and Chang, P. 2008: Forecasting
    Pacific SSTs: Linear Inverse Model Predictions of the PDO, J. Climate, 21, 385-402.
    59. Wang, F. and Chang, P. 2008: A Linear Stability Analysis of Coupled Tropical Atlantic Variability,
    J. Climate, in press.
  • Wu, Q., Mahajan, S., Bowman, K.P., Chang, P. 2008: Atmospheric Response to Atlantic
    Tropical Instability Waves in CAM3, J. Geophys. Res., accepted.
  • Bruegem, W.-P., Chang, P., Jang, C. J., Mignot, J., Hazeleger, W., 2008: Barrier layers and
    tropical Atlantic SST biases in coupled GCMs, Tellus, accepted.
  • Wang, F. and Chang, P. 2008: Coupled Variability and Predictability in a Stochastic Climate
    Model of Tropical Atlantic, J. Climate, submitted.
  • Chang, P., Zhang, R., Hazeleger, W., Wen, C., Wan, X., Ji, L., Haarsma, R. J., Breugem, W.-
    P. and Seidel, H. 2008: An Oceanic Teleconnection Between Abrupt Changes in High-Latitude
    North Atlantic Climate and the African Monsoon, Nature, submitted.
  • Hazeleger, W., Breugem, W.-P., Chang, P., Haarsma, R. J., Zhang, R. and Dijkstra, H. A.
    2008: Atlantic Ocean Control on the Future African Monsoon, Nature, submitted.

Additional Information

  • Title: On the Development of a Regional Coupled Atlantic Climate Model Sponsor: DOC/NOAA Period: 9/1/2001–8/31/2004
  • Title: An Investigation of Pacific Decadal Variability with an Emphasis on Ocean-Atmosphere Interations in the South Tropical Pacific and Impact on ENSO Sponsor: DOC/NOAA Period: 12/1/2001–11/30/2004
  • Title: On the Development of a Hybrid Coupled System for Seasonal-to-Interannual Climate Predictions Sponsor: IRI/Columbia University Period: 7/01/2002–6/30/2005
  • Title: Seasonal-to-Interannual Predictability in the Tropical Atlantic Region and the Role of Surface Fluxes Sponsor: NASA Period: 6/1/2003–5/31/2005
  • Title: An Investigation of Tropical Atlantic Variability and its Predictability Using the Community Climate System Model Sponsor: NSF Period: 12/1/2003–11/30/2008
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