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Danny Rosenfeld
Danny Rosenfeld
Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel
Institute of Earth Sciences
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Jerusalem 91904 ISRAEL


1986 - PhD, Dept. of Atmospheric Sciences, The Hebrew Univestity, Israel

1980 - M.Sc, Dept. of Atmospheric Sciences, The Hebrew Univestity, Israel

1977 - B.Sc, Dept. of Geology, The Hebrew Univestity, Israel


2013                         Member of the European Academy of Sciences and Arts.

2009                         Honorary member of Integrated Land Ecosystem – Atmosphere Processes Study (iLEAPS) science steering committee

2009                         The Friendship Award, awarded by the People's Government of China, "in appreciation to outstanding contribution to the economic construction and society development of China".

2007                         The Schaefer Award, of the Weather Modification Association "For scientific and technological discoveries that have constituted a major contribution to the advancement of weather modification"

2006                         The Michael Landau Prize for Sciences, in the area of Ecology and Environment, granted by the Israeli Mifal-Hapayis to Israeli scientists for outstanding achievements in their field and for the advancement of science in Israel.

2006                         The World Meteorological Organization/UAE Prize for Excellence in Weather Modification “for contributions to world-wide WM experiments and their advocacy of the aerosol pollution/precipitation link”.

2003                         Fellow of the American Meteorological Society.

2001                         The Thunderbird Award, of the Weather Modification Association.

2001                         The Verner Suomi Medal, awarded by the American Meteorological Society, “for key contributions to remote measurement and interpretation of rainfall, cloud optical properties, and cloud microphysical properties".

2000                         The R. Froind Award for popular writing in sciences. Awarded by the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

1988 – 1991        Alon Fellowship, awarded by the Israeli Council for Higher Education, for absorbing young outstanding scientists in the Israeli universities.

Danny Rosenfeld

Adjunct Professor
Professor of Atmospheric Sciences

Research Interests

Prof. Rosenfeld focused on the ways by which anthropogenic emissions of particulate air pollution  affect cloud composition and precipitation forming processes. His main research means are measurements from instrumented airplanes in clouds over many parts of the world, accompanied by remote sensing with radars and satellites. He participated in development of weather satellites and their applications in the USA and Europe. His research yielded a range of discoveries, including the ways by which air pollution can inhibit the formation of rain in clouds and thus decrease rainfall from shallow clouds, but invigorate storm intensity, lightning and hail from deep clouds. He showed that wind risen sea spray has the opposite effect when it seeds the clouds - it enhance the rain and cleanses the clouds from the air pollution. Based on these findings he developed new methods for rain enhancement by cloud seeding, and provided scientific guidance to such projects in Israel and many other countries. His findings provide a basis for improving weather forecasts, from the immediate range to the prediction of climate change and the extent of possible future global warming.

Selected Publications

List of Refereed Papers of Daniel Rosenfeld


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