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Eller O&M Building

The Department of Atmospheric Sciences occupies upper floors of the 15-story Eller Oceanography and Meteorology Building. The Doppler weather radar on the roof of the building is a campus landmark. Students gain hands-on experience operating the radar in courses and research projects. The department is part of a consortium that is building two truck-mounted 5-cm wavelength Doppler radars, the Shared Mobile Atmospheric Research and Teaching Radars. These radars will be used in national and international field campaigns to study cloud physics, remote sensing, and storm dynamics. The department also receives a continuous, comprehensive stream of meteorological data from ground stations, balloons, aircraft, radars, and satellites around the world. Data and forecasts are available from the department web site, and are archived for research and teaching purposes. Two well-equipped computer labs are regularly upgraded to provide state-of-the-art equipment. The university provides computing infrastructure such as campus networking and high-speed Internet access. In addition to campus libraries, the Department of Atmospheric Sciences and Oceanography together maintain a Working Collection of scientific journals, books, and reports.

There are several institutes and offices associated with the Department of Atmospheric Sciences including the Cooperative Institute for Applied Meteorological Studies, the Center for Texas Climate Studies, and the Office of the State Climatologist.

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