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Courses for non-majors

ATMO 201: Weather and climate
ATMO 202: Weather and climate laboratory
GEOS 210: Climate change

Undergraduate core courses

ATMO 203: Weather forecasting laboratory
ATMO 251: Weather observation and analysis
ATMO 321: Computer applications in the atmospheric sciences
ATMO 324: Physical and regional climatology
ATMO 335: Atmospheric thermodynamics
ATMO 336: Atmospheric dynamics
ATMO 363: Introduction to atmospheric chemistry and air pollution
ATMO 435: Synoptic-dynamic meteorology
ATMO 446: Physical meteorology

ATMO electives

ATMO 326: Environmental atmospheric science
ATMO 352: Severe weather and mesoscale forecasting
ATMO 441: Satellite meteorology and remote sensing
ATMO 443: Radar meteorology
ATMO 455: Numerical weather prediction
ATMO 456: Practical weather forecasting
ATMO 459: Tropical meteorology
ATMO 461: Broadcast meteorology
ATMO 463: Air pollution meteorology
ATMO 464: Laboratory methods in atmospheric sciences
GEOS 444: Science and politics of climate change

For course descriptions, see the Texas A&M Undergraduate Catalog.

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