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From tornadoes to hurricanes, from winter storms to droughts, the atmosphere affects our lives and livelihoods in ways both big and small. In the Department of Atmospheric Sciences, undergraduate students explore weather in all its many forms, as well as climate change, air quality, and many other atmospheric phenomena, all as viewed through the lens of the physical and chemical scientist.

The Department offers an undergraduate degree program in Meteorology, which has at its core an emphasis on weather and weather-related topics. In addition to weather, the curriculum also features courses in climatology, air quality, radar observations, remote sensing from satellites, cloud physics, and computer applications. Courses in oceanography, hydrology, and climate policy are also encouraged. Each of these subjects rests on a firm foundation in the physical sciences, with required coursework in physics, chemistry, and mathematics during the first two years.

Students in Meteorology enjoy many of the advantages found at much smaller schools, including small class sizes, low student-to-teacher ratios, and opportunities for individual instruction. At the same time, students have numerous opportunities to participate in faculty research projects, including regional, national, and international field programs, with roughly two-thirds of students engaging in research as part of their degree program. Students interested in careers in forecasting or broadcasting are encouraged to pursue internships, either with government or private sector forecasting offices, or with broadcast TV stations.

The Department has several unique academic facilities, including a student-operated Doppler weather radar, two well-equipped computer teaching laboratories, and a practice broadcasting facility, complete with green screen. The Department’s Weather Center receives a continuous stream of meteorological data from around the world, as displayed and animated on a wall of 16 computer monitors.

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