Climate Change Statement

We, the faculty of the Dept. of Atmospheric Sciences of Texas A&M, agree with the recent reports of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change that:

  1. It is virtually certain that the climate is warming, and that it has warmed by about 0.7 deg. C over the last 100 years.
  2. It is very likely that humans are responsible for most of the recent warming.
  3. If we do nothing to reduce our emissions of greenhouse gases, future warming will likely be at least two degrees Celsius over the next century.
  4. Such a climate change brings with it a risk of serious adverse impacts on our environment and society.
  • Kenneth Bowman
  • Sarah D. Brooks
  • Ping Chang
  • Don Collins
  • Don Conlee
  • Andrew Dessler
  • Robert Duce
  • Craig Epifanio
  • Rob Korty
  • Mark Lemmon
  • Shaima L. Nasiri
  • John Nielsen-Gammon
  • Gerald North
  • Richard Orville
  • Lee Panetta
  • R. Saravanan
  • Gunnar W. Schade
  • Courtney Schumacher
  • Russ Schumacher
  • Istvan Szunyogh
  • Thomas Wilheit
  • Ping Yang
  • Renyi Zhang
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