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Ken Bowman

...to Atmospheric Sciences!

It is a pleasure to welcome all of our former students to the Department of Atmospheric Sciences web site. You may have noticed that the department has grown in the last few years. Thanks to the Texas A&M Faculty Reinvestment Plan, we now have more than twenty full-time faculty positions. We have expanded our undergraduate course offerings with new permanent courses in computer applications, radar meteorology, and advanced forecasting. Atmospheric research continues to flourish in the department; for an overview of current research projects, visit the Current Research or Faculty web pages. The Texas A&M Student Chapter of the American Meteorological Society remains one of the largest and most active AMS student chapters in the country. Thanks to our students, faculty, and staff, the Department of Atmospheric Sciences continues to thrive. We hope you will visit our web site often and keep in touch with departmental happenings.

Photo: Bowman on the NCAR Gulfstream V research aircraft during the START08 Mission, May 2008.

Kenneth P. Bowman, Ph.D.
Professor and Department Head

Atmospheric Sciences Department or College of Geosciences

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