Graduate Core Courses

The core curriculum provides a broad foundation, with courses in atmospheric dynamics, physics and chemistry. The complete core consists of six courses, with at least three courses required for any given student. M.S. students must take at least one core course from each of the three basic sub-disciplines. Ph.D. students must also take a fourth course in their area of specialization.

Graduate Catalog

Dynamic core courses:
ATMO 601: Fundamentals of Atmospheric Dynamics
ATMO 611: Atmospheric Dynamics II (waves,instabilities and turbulence)

Physics core courses:
ATMO 602: Principles of Atmospheric Physics (thermodynamics and cloud physics)
ATMO 612: Atmospheric Physics II (radiative transfer and remote sensing)

Chemistry core courses:
ATMO 689: Introduction to Atmospheric Chemistry
ATMO 613: Advanced Atmospheric Chemistry

A complete list of available courses and associated course descriptions can be found in the Graduate Catalog.

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