Atmospheric Sciences Courses
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The Department of Atmospheric Sciences provides students with a wide variety of courses designed to fully prepare students for their chosen careers. Our fundamental mission is to help students at all levels, from undergraduate to postdoctoral, acquire and develop scientific knowledge, critical thinking skills, the ability to continue to learn and the potential to contribute to society. We also serve students in other disciplines through survey courses, which give students a better understanding of nature and of scientific methods, and through specialized courses for students in fields that require applied knowledge of meteorology.

B.S. Meteorology

The Department of Atmospheric Sciences offers undergraduate students a B.S. in Meteorology. Students in the Department of Atmospheric Sciences enjoy low student-to-teacher ratios and small classes. Undergraduates have opportunities for individual study and participation in faculty research projects, including regional, national and international field programs.

M.S. Atmospheric Sciences

An M.S. degree in atmospheric sciences prepares graduates for careers with both government agencies (such as the National Weather Service) and the private sector (ranging from the airline industry to private forecasting and consulting companies to TV stations).

Ph.D. Atmospheric Sciences

A Ph.D. in the atmospheric sciences primarily prepares graduates for research and teaching careers, both in higher education and in government or private labs. At the heart of the program is a Ph.D. dissertation consisting of independent and original research.

Undergraduate Courses

Graduate Courses

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