Departmental Matters

Support Staff

Department staff are here to manage the daily operations of the department and help you along the path toward graduation. They can answer questions, provide the proper forms, provide guidance for completing forms and help deliver forms to the proper persons for signature. Staff members usually have many responsibilities, however, and cannot necessarily help you at a moment's notice. If you wait until a deadline to file required paperwork, staff members may not be able to give you immediate attention.

Student Offices

When you arrive in College Station, the graduate advisor will have arranged office space for you in the O&M Building. Office space in the department is limited, and you will probably share an office with at least one other person. Offices are equipped with desks, chairs and bookcases for each student.


University and department facilities, including the O&M Building are locked outside normal business hours and on weekends and holidays. As a graduate student, your student identification card will be programmed to allow you 24 hour access to the O&M building. Doors on the west side of O&M permit access by swiping your id card. Keys to rooms you need access within O&M, such as office space or labs, will be issued by a member of the department staff in 1204.

Office Supplies

The department provides office supplies for tasks related to teaching, research, and university business, but not for student course work. Consult office staff for information about supplies provided by the department.


On-campus and regular mail is delivered to, and picked up from, the department office in room 1204 twice each day. Delivery and pick-up normally takes place between 8:30 and 9:30 a.m. and 1:30 and 2:30 p.m., but the schedule varies from day to day. Graduate students' mail is delivered to the bottom three mailboxes (divided alphabetically) in 1204. Outgoing mail should be left in the designated boxes near the entrance of 1204. To reach its destination, on-campus mail should include the four-digit mail stop unique for the address. For example, John Doe, ATMO, MS 3150.


Phones in student offices may be used for local calls only. Students working as employees of the department may occasionally need to make long-distance phone calls for research or university business purposes. Always place such calls from a phone line with long-distance service and record the call in that phone's log. The record of the phone call should include the date, the number called, the purpose of the call and the research-project account number to which the call should be billed. Each month a copy of the bill for each phone line in the department is sent to the persons responsible for those lines. All research-related long-distance calls which appear on the bill must be billed to a research-project account. Personal long-distance calls may not appear on the bill under any circumstances.

It is a violation of state law to make personal long-distance phone calls from any phone in the department. Exceptions are tolerated only when the call is charged to a personal long-distance calling card and does not appear on the departmental phone bill.

Fax Machine

A fax machine located in the department office on the 12th floor is for university business and research purposes only. Students working as employees of the department may occasionally need to make faxes for research purposes. No charges are incurred for sending local or on-campus faxes, but long-distance research-related faxes must be billed to a research-project account. The billing process for faxes is more complicated than for phone calls. See department office staff if you need to send a research-related fax.

Some faculty have fax machines in their offices or laboratories which are used for university business and research purposes. If you work with a professor who has a fax machine and are authorized to use it, consult that professor for proper billing procedures. There is no mechanism for billing long-distance faxes to a personal long-distance calling card.

It is a violation of state law to send or receive personal long-distance faxes from any fax machine in the department.


Photocopy machines located in rooms 1204 and 1014 are for university business and research purposes only. Departmental copiers are not for personal use, which includes copying course materials.

GATs or GANTs may need to make copies for departmental business or teaching that are billed to the department. GARs may need to make copies for research purposes that are billed to individual research grants. Consult department office staff for assistance

Teleconference Facilities

The College of Geosciences maintains a specially designed and equipped teleconference facility in Room 203 of the O&M Building. The facility enables professors to teach teleconference courses to students in Galveston and facilitates meetings which require the presence of parties on both campuses. This room may be reserved through the Dean's Office.


Texas A&M University provides a variety of computer services for students. University and State of Texas rules and regulations governing the use of university-owned computers are available on the university web site.

In addition to the university computer systems, the Atmospheric Sciences Department maintains its own computers and network. You should open a computer account on the department's computer system when you arrive. To do so, contact the department computer systems administrator. You can use your account from any networked computer on campus, any computer in the Atmospheric Sciences computer labs, or from remote computers via the Internet.

The department has several computer labs for undergraduate and graduate student use. The computer labs in rooms 1107 and 1201 are designated as teaching facilities, but can be used for graduate work when not occupied. A schedule is posted outside each lab.

Departmental computer facilities are primarily paid for by research grants and departmental funds, not by students' tuition and fees. Use of the equipment, especially black-white or color printing, is monitored closely. Faculty research grants are billed for supplies and maintenance on the printers and workstation when appropriate.

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